About Appraisal Services

The different types of Jewelry Appraisals:

Insurance Appraisal is the most common reason for having your jewelry appraised.

Other important reasons are:
  • If you are Buying or Selling an item of jewelry privately.
  • For the Liquidation of Assets.
  • Divorce Settlement.
  • When there is a Tax Investigation of an Estate.
  • Before the Distribution of an Estate.
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Preparing for Your Appraisal

  • Contact Liz to make an appointment - contactus@s2sartworks.com. This is important so that you can get undivided appraisal time.
  • Make sure your jewelry is clean.
  • It will help if all repairs are done before handing the item over for appraisal.
  • One to two business days are required for a detailed appraisal - depending on type of jewelry and how many items.
  • Appraisals of large estates can take up to three weeks.
Liz is available to do your jewelry appraisals from your safety deposit box at your bank vault, and under
special circumstances, in-house jewelry appraisals from your private home.
About Jewelry Appraisals

Liz Burnett, G.G., is a Graduate Gemologist, independent Master Valuer jewelry appraiser, writer and ardent follower of jewelry and arts. She
has been in the jewelry, diamond and gemstone industry since 1993. She specializes in the grading and appraising of diamonds,
gemstones and jewelry, and offers these appraisal services in Vancouver, Canada.